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Seven CarWash Korea Inc. was founded in 2005. Since then, we have developed and manufactured steam jet car-washing machines as one of the best professional cleaning equipment companies in Korea.

The company logo comprises 3 themes, including: white - cleaness, green - eco-friendliness, and blue - freshness, all of which together signifies our mission.

With continual research into new and existing technologies, we continue to secure our place in the international community.
It is our mission to produce cleaning machines and supplies that are both effective enough to meet and exceed our customer's needs,
and to better protect and preserve the environment.

We pursue easy to use, stable, and economic products, always listen to customer opinions, and reflect these in our products.
Through ceaseless feedback, not even ceasing after purchase, we try to produce our products by being a continuous partner with our customers.

In addition, focusing on the topic, 'eco-friendly',
we do our best to develop the most effective technologies from small energy consumption and minimizing environmental pollution.

Seven Clean Jet considers customer satisfaction our top priority, and will lead the cleaning industry through exacting quality control and prompt service.

Seven Clean Jet Inc.

Partners Tower 5F, 83 Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Zip code :08589, Republic of Korea
Tel : 822-866-4210   |  Fax : 822-866-6746  |  E-mail: jhs4210@empas.com

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