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Steam / Vacuum cleaner

  Steam Vacuum Cleaner SVC777 SVC777 is ALL IN ONE model equipped with steam and vacuum cleaner together, which can use general electricity not industrial electricity. With various nozzles, it is capable of appropriate cleaning such as carpet, window, and floor, and especially shows not only excellent cleaning effect but also strong sterilization effect in interior cleaning. More over, it includes detergent spray function, so can remove any strong dirts and oil stain perfectly. Besides, it is a multi-use steam/vacuum cleaner available in small car wash.
  Steam Vacuum Cleaner SVC777 Specifications
  POWER SOURCE   220V / 50~60
  POWER CONSUMPTION   2 or 3(Electric heater)/1.3(Vacuum Motor)
VACUUM (mmH2O) 500
  BOILER TANK   4Liter
  WATER CONSUMPTION   100~150 / min
  ACCESSORIES   Upholstery tool, Window tool, Lancer for accessory of vacuum cleaner
  DIMENSIONS   370(W)570(L)650(H)
  WEIGHT   45(Excluding Accessories)
  Steam Vacuum Cleaner SVC777 Feature    
    - Sanitation & Cleaning
- Hot Detergent Injection,
- All in One,
- Digital LED Control Panel
- Over pressure protection System
- Over Temperature Protection System
- Steam pressure / 6bars
- Steam and excellent high suction power
  with super vacuum motor
- Versatile accessory tools
- Water shortage alarm system
- Led digital control panel, detergent S/W
  Steam Vacuum Cleaner SVC777 Main Uses    
    - Mart, Hospital,Shopping mall
- Hotel
- Religion institutes such as church and temple
- Factory
- Restaurant
- General home
- Home cleaning service
- Public traffic
- Government agency, public place
  sterilization & cleaning
  Steam Vacuum Cleaner SVC777 Standard    
- Standard Nozzle   - Video 'How to use SVC777'
- Multiple Nozzle FOR VACUUM CLEANER
Steam Vacuum Cleaner SVC777
  Steam Vacuum Cleaner SVC777 Option  
- Multiple Option Nozzle (For Carpet Cleaning)
Steam Vacuum Cleaner SVC777
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