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Eco friendly steam car wash equipment
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Eco friendly steam car wash equipment Eco friendly steam car wash equipment Eco friendly steam car wash equipment

Steam Car Wash Machine

Different from traditional car wash equipment, our steam car wash equipment gives no scratch to a car and is able to wash a car with 2 liters of water. Accordingly, this can save water remarkably compared with traditional tunnel type car wash equipment or hand car wash and allows continuous and smooth car washing even in a car detail shop, a parking lot or a mart due to excellent spatial applicability from its small size.
   What is different from traditional car wash equipment?
  Eco friendly steam car wash equipment Eco friendly car wash
    Because it is possible to wash a car with minimum electric power or fuel and a small amount of water as mush as 2 liters, it generates almost no waste water. As a result, Eco friendly car wash equipment doesn't need any additional equipment such as waste water treatment facility, so is free from environmental regulations or laws.
  No scratch on a car
    It is known that traditional tunnel type car-wash machine often causes a lot of scratches on a car. But steam car wash machine wash a car cleanly without any scratch. Someone worries about any damage which this product may give on the car. But the paint on a car has over 150กษ of thermal resistance and the temperature of steam drops under 100กษ when going ahead more than 10cm after spraying, the steam never gives any damage on the car.
    There is no need to worry about injury from high pressure and high temperature steam. The steam is not so hot unless being rightly in front of the nozzle. Besides, the built-in high pressure boiler and pump in this product are protected sufficiently by circuit breaker and high pressure preventive controller. When observing minimum safety guidelines, the steam is not dangerous at all.
    When introducing traditional tunnel type car-wash system, considerable cost was required, the amount of electricity and water used in operating the system were also considerable, and its maintenance coas was expensive. However, this steam car washing manner is inexpensive as much as less than 1/50 and its required water and electricity amount are also about 1/100. Moreover, its maintenance is convenient and cheap, so only exchange of specific parts or expendable supplies is need.
    Although hand car washing manner was inexpensive, but considerable time was required and clean wash was difficult. But this steam car-wash machine is remarkably more rapid that the hand car wash as much as only 15 minutes are required for washing a car. Moreover, once this produce is operated, it is capable of continuous car washing with only maintenance of water and electric power supply, so this is more efficient by far.
    Eco friendly steam car wash equipment
Eco friendly steam car wash equipment
Eco friendly steam car wash equipment
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