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Hot tip  
There are many applications
for our system:

Car Washes & Detail Shops
Auto Dealerships
Fleet companies
Rent a Car companies
Car leasing companies

Applied prior to waxing, our system
rapidly washes away any dust,
grime, and oil.  It is done quickly
and effectively with high-pressure
steam, using a fraction of the water
of other systems, and has a vapor
adjustment function

Safety is important to us. 
Features including an
automatic alarm and
automatic power shut-off
when the unit is short on
water help to ensure the safe
use of our product.

Our model is fully automatic.
 Turn it on, push a button
and you’re ready to go.
Just a few minutes after
washing one car, you can wash the next car with no
down time, owing to our
automatic heating sensor.

The car is sprayed with our
safe steam(temperature : approx 176degrees F) which is completely safe for all car



We at 7carwash Inc. offer powerful car washing appliances that use steam jets that combine both heat and pressure. Our car washing machines offer high quality washes at a fraction of the cost of other technology. They are safe, fully automatic, durable, and easy to use. These appliances are new to all over the world. We offer a variety of appliances for all your car washing needs.





02.DEC. 2009

As winter season indoor dust is recently known problematic to various diseases, importance of indoor cleaning is more emphasized. Especially as indoor activity becomes a lot in winter season, various diseases such as respiratory disease,



We Recommend Steam Package!!!


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